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All about holy Ujjain with Asha and John Apnaujjain - Blog
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All about holy Ujjain with Asha and John

John and Asha were sharing information about Ujjain online.

John while reading about Ujjain in a blog names “religious country India” decided to visit. He started searching about it. The more he searched he was interested to visit it.Both had a conversation.

Hi Asha I was searching about Ujjain online do you know something about Ujjain.

Hi john

Ya I know something about Ujjain. Ujjain city is very religious city. It is one of the ancient cities of India. Known as Avantika in prior periods Ujjain has many religious and historical stories attached to it.

Ohh I heard that it is Lord Shiva’s favourite place.

Very true John. As per old religious story Mahadeva used to visit this place often. According to god this wastherefavorite place on earth. It is said that he still resides here. Ujjain city also have Mahakaleshwar templedo you know?

YaAsha. MahakaleshwarTemple is one among the twelve Jyotirlinga of India. It is said that Lord Shiva has himself settled here. Many devotees come here every day.

Ya I have heard about it john. It is famous for its bhasmaarti and one get true blessing of lord Shiva by visiting this.

Ohh ok

But where is exactly Ujjain located Asha?

Ujjain city is located in Madhya Pradesh and you can also go there from Indore to Ujjain.Indore to Ujjain distance is just 56.4 km.

Ohh that great do you know one more Jyotirlinga is situated near to it?

Ya john it’sOmkareshwar. TheUjjain to Omkareshwar trip is also a good idea. Butwhat is the best time to visit Ujjain?

Asha Ujjain is all ready to host its Kumbhamela next year. You must visit Ujjain at that time. This time you will be able to see the true religion of India.


Ohh great but John who conducts this festival?

I think Ujjain tourism Asha. Kumbhmela is a big festival of India.


Ya true kumbhMelaUjjain is a holy festival of India which is held in every 12 years here. I think this kumbhmela dates are of March.

Ya its march but asha I have heard that thousands of devotees come here to take bath in the holy Kshipra River at this time.

Ya true john. One should visit Ujjain at this time by prior booking asall hotels in Ujjain are full at this time.

Ok. Can we book Ujjain hotels online?

Yes you can select one hotel in Ujjain from various available hotel lists online.

Ok Asha I will call and book it online can you tell me the pin code of Ujjain.

Ya Ujjain pin code is 456001.

Ok thanks.Are there any other temples or monuments in Ujjain?

Yes john there are many other temples which have religious values like Chintaman ganesh, Harsiddhi temple etc. You can also visit Jantar Mantar the observatory if you have interest in astronomy.

I will surely plan a trip to Ujjain next year.

Ok bye meet you soon.

Posted by: Admin November 6, 2015