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Ujjain Tourism - Enjoy Simhastha from April 2016-May2016 with Apna Ujjain Apnaujjain - Blog
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Ujjain Tourism – Enjoy Simhastha from April 2016-May2016 with Apna Ujjain

Ujjain is a place of religious belief.Ujjain city is the home for large number of temples and thousands of devotees come to visit this place every year.Being the pride of the central India,Ujjain is one of the great pilgrimages of India. It is said to be the cultural city of Madhya Pradesh as the great religious SimhasthaKumbhMela is held here after every 12 years. Devotees can reach Ujjain via many sources. One can easily reach Ujjain by Indore. The devotees can either take a train, bus or car from Indore to Ujjain.The Indore to Ujjain distance is just 56.4 km. Ujjain pin code is 456001.

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Ujjain is a religious city with religious belief and other than temples there are many other places to visit in Ujjain. It is said that true peace of soul can be found in Ujjain. It is because of this reason that people from all around the world visits Ujjain. It is only because of the travel & tourism Ujjain that people can still feel that god itself resides in this city. The Ujjain tourism has done a lot to preserve the rich heritage of Ujjain till date.

Ujjain is famous because of the MahakaleshwarJyotirlinga Temple. MahakalUjjain is one the prominent temple of Ujjain that attracts large number of devotees. This is one of the twelve Jyotirlings and it is believed that god has himself settled here. The temple is also famous for its different types of unique prayers done here. One of which is ash ritual or bhasmaarti.

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Other than Ujjain Mahakaleshwar there is one more Jyotirling situated near to it. The Omkareshwar temple is also among the 12 Jyotirlings. Devotees often plan a trip to both the places altogether. One can easily go from Ujjain to Omkareshwar. The Ujjain to Omkareshwar distance is merely 139.8 km.

Ujjain is a true religious city which is worth visiting. One should surely plan a visit to Ujjain once in his lifetime. Devotees can also plan a trip to Ujjain in the Simhastha festival to enjoy the true culture of India.

Posted by: Admin December 8, 2015