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First Cash Card has launched by bank for Simhastha 2016 Apnaujjain - Blog
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First Cash Card has launched by bank for Simhastha 2016

It was the first time in the history of Simhastha that this Simhastha 2016 will be cashless that is people will now be able to make donations using Cash card. This plastic money will be issued by several banks. Different Card swiping machines will also be installed at several places at the time of Simhastha mainly at temples and other religious places for donation to Akharas in Ujjain.

This special Simhastha Debit Cards will be issued to pilgrims coming from all around the world in order to ease the monetary transaction at this time. People will get allotment of such plastic card without much effort and comparatively less paper work so that more and more devotees coming to Ujjain will be able to use it. The best advantage of such instrument is that people will now be able to carry out big transaction without actually carrying any cash. This plastic cash card will also decrease the incidents of thefts and pick pocketing.

In this Simhastha more and more banking facilities will be provided and with multiple banks’ outlet 100 card swiping machines will also be installed in the various sectors of Simhastha. Till date IDBI has planned and has already issued the first Simhastha Cash Card. IDBI is first bank to provide such facility at the Kumbh Mela. This service will soon be provided by other banks to other people also under the guidelines of Department of Finance M.P.

This cash card can be taken by easily applying for this. To get this user needs to submit application with KYC document. By paying an issue fees of 150 users will be able to store about 500 Rs to 50000 and then later it could be used as debit card. No account will be required to get this card.

The plastic card will have following features:

  • This Visa Flag Card can be used to make purchase and amount can be withdrawn with this from 1250 IDBI Bank ATMs and 65000 ATMs in India.
  • The holder can use this card for repeated purchases or withdrawals until any value is left on the card.
  • The card will be available to all public and for IDBI and non IDBI corporates.
  • This card can be loaded with amount up to 50000 for one month.

The card will be valid for 2 years from when it is issued.

Posted by: Admin December 29, 2015