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Different duties of different departments at Simhastha 2016 Ujjain Apnaujjain - Blog
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Different duties of different departments at Simhastha 2016

For carrying out the duties at the time of Simhastha 2016 different departments have been made. This department will have different duties. From among all those some of the work of departments is listed.

Pre festival officer will look after the control of the Simhastha. Collector and festival officer will be working for the control of arrangements and proper running of Simhastha festival 2016. All arrangements will be done for prayers. Officers at these departments will also be responsible for managing the prayers done by different Akhada groups at the time of great bath. 

Public relation office will be responsible for spreading relevant information about the fest to media and other peoples. At the time of Simahstha 2016 proper communication will be done regarding the festival. For the media people coming from all around the world proper necessary arrangements will be done related to communicating and transmission of happenings of the fest. 

Proper health department will also be settled to look over the medical facilities. All necessary health requirements at the time of Simhastha 2016 will be fulfilled by this department. Clinics with 20 beds, dispensaries with 6 beds and mobile medical teams will be formulated. It will have all necessary treatments facilities and medicines. In this proper team will be present with the staff. 

Ayush health department will also be organized for people coming to kumbh mela ujjain. Temporary dispensaries will be formulated with necessary Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Yunnan medicines under this department. In this necessary staff, furniture, tools, medicines, stationery, ambulance and other items will be present. This will run for 24 hours.

Food department will also be present at the time of fest. This department will be responsible for making available wheat, rice, sugar, salt, kerosene etc by issuing Rashan card from temporary shops to the saints and tourist coming to the fest. 

Forest department will look after the relevant necessary things like wood etc. These products will be provided by the forest departments to the saints coming to Simhastha festival 2016. Every zone will have depot and in every Simhastha zone forest rescue team will be there.

Madhya Pradesh electricity Supply Company will supply proper electricity to the maha kumbh mela 2016 zone and other zones of the city. Temporary electricity supply department will be settled and 24 hour electricity will be supplied. The complete area will be divided in 11 zones in order to ensure proper electricity supply.

Lok swastya yantriki department will be present for the saints coming to Simhastha festival 2016. Facility of pure water and proper sewage of water will be ensured. This will include checking the purity of drinking water, making it available and ensuring its distribution. Other than this arrangement of sewage of water will also be done by the department.

Ujjain sahkari Dugd sangh Maryadit department will be responsible for delivering milk, ghee and other milk products to devotees, visitors and saints coming to Simhastha festival 2016 this department will have an important role. Other than the 80 parlors present in the city 106 temporary parlor will also be established.

Posted by: Admin January 17, 2016