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Purification of Kshipra in Simhastha 2016 Maha kumbh Ujjain Apnaujjain - Blog
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Purification of Kshipra in Simhastha Mahakumbh

This year in coming Simhasta 2016 Mahakumbh all efforts will be made to purify the water of Kshipra River. Many arrangements have been made and many are in list. Many facilities have been provided by the government and other organizations are also helping to provide maximum support for the purpose. Sewage treatment, ozonization are also been planned for performing activities for cleaning of water of Kshipra.

To keep the water of Kshipra pure diversion of Khan River is planned. For this program amount of Rs. 80 crore has been sanctioned by the government and work is in progress. In order to maintain the purity of Kshipra River Ujjain amount of Rs. 59 crore has been sanctioned to Municipal Corporation Indore for establishment of Sewage treatment plant. Work is under progress. To avoid the flow of impure water of industrial area of Sawer amount of Rs. 20 crore has been sanctioned. During the Simhastha to keep the water clean work of ozonisation is also in progress.

Water resources department will be working to remove the plantation under the river. So as to keep the Kshipra River pollution free people awareness programs will be organized with which devotees coming to Maha Kumbh Mela will be motivated to keep Kshipra clean by not throwing prayer items, waste and other impure materials in the river. Pollution control department will also continuously keep a track over the sewage of impure water and waste from factories and workshops that will go in Kshipra River. It will be informed widely to people coming to the Simhastha 2016 that if they notice anyone throwing or dispersing the items of prayers in the river they must try to stop them or must inform to the relevant department regarding the issue.

If any devotees coming to the festival notice that any polluted item has been thrown in the water of the river they must try to inform the control room to remove the particular polluted item from the river. With these efforts it is believed that pollution at Kshipra River will be stopped and it will get pure again in future.

Posted by: Admin January 22, 2016