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Importance of Nav Narayan in Purshottam Maas in Ujjain Apnaujjain - Blog
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Importance of Nav Narayan in Purshottam Maas in Ujjain

Whenever a person goes on a tour, his mai aim is to fulfil what he has come for and what is fruitful for his life. In the same way, the main aim of coming and visiting a holy place is to gain mental peace, happiness and Godliness.

Purshottam Maas is also a unique combination of sun, moon, earth, planets and stars, resulting in a holy and pious time, perfect for worshipping and offering prayers to the God. This time happened once in every 12 months of hindu calender. This whole one month period is dedicated to enchant the holy prayers of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. The importance of visiting Nav Narayan temple in Awantika, now Ujjain has a great importance in mythology. Ujjain is counted as one of the seven holy places mentioned in the ancient period. It is a holy, religious  and a mythological city.

Visit to Nau Narayan and Sapt Sagar in Purshottam Month is of highly and great importance. Every temple and sagar has its own importance and a tale related to it. If this journey is completed in sequence, it is said to be very fruitful in human's life. In case of  difficulty, sequence may not be maintained, but should be with full presence of mind, body and soul. Many venerators do visit 84 Mahadev along with Nav Narayan as to get blessings from Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This journey continues for the whole month.

In this Purshottam maas, where there is primeval of joy of giving (donate) is mentioned in the legends, different journey (yatras) are also done in this month. Among this Nav Narayan yatra has great importance. All the nine planets are settled positively with immense peace with the worship of these nine narayans. It should be worshipped with Panchopchaar.

Nine Narayan are different structures of Lord Vishnu. All these nine structures are seated in Ujjain itself.

Nav narayan are as follows:

  1. PurushottamNarayan
  2. AnantNarayan
  3. SatyaNarayan
  4. ChaturbujNarayan
  5. AdiNarayan
  6. SheshNarayan
  7. PadmNarayan
  8. LaxmiNarayan
  9. BadriNarayan
Posted by: Admin July 24, 2015