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Gurudwara Dashmesh Darbar Ujjain - Apnaujjain
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Dashmesh Darbar


Dashmesh Darbar

Khushal Singh Wadva

General Secretary

Martyr and organization committee, Ujjain


Gurudwara Shri Guru Granth Sahib Sabha of Dudh Talai Ujjain is a registered society. While having a look on the history of Gurudwara Dudh Talai we will come to know that after the time of separation of country slowly – slowly Sikh community started coming to Ujjain and slowly - slowly absence of Gurudwara was being felt by them. First of all the undertaken of this work was taken by the main citizen of the city Sardar Samjeet ji who was leaving at Deeg Gate, othet than him support was also done by Sardar Bhagwan Singh Bhamra. Also with them others including late Sardar Nanak Singh ji Khanuja, late Sardar Goving singh, Amar Singh ji, late Sardar Gyan Singh Ji had a strong wish that Gurudwara must be started as early as possible. At first temporary arrangement for Gurudwara was done in the hall that was situated below Yogeshwar Tekri by taking it on rent for temporary period of time and after few days’ programs was organized in religious sanctuary of Nayi Sadak on routine basis. During this period under the guidance, people were selected for the construction of Gurudwara of the place situated on Dudh Talai the list included Govind Singh, Amar Singh Timber Merchant New road and Sardar Ram Singh Timber Merchant Nayi Sadak, Baba Deewan Singh Saluja of Freeganj and late Sardar Kartar Singh ji, Gurunanak market Free ganj, late Sardar Kesar Singh ji Wadwa, late Sardar Bhagat Singh ji, late Sardar Dharam Singh ji Sachdeva,  late Sardar Harbajan Singh ji Azad,  late Sardar Desa Singh Arora, late Sadar Lal Chand Ji Tuteja and late Sardar Sohan Singh Ji of Patni Bazaar and near about in 1951 – 52 this place was purchased by the Sikh community and slowly – slowly its construction was started. At intial stage this was an unregistered organization from that time the president of organization was as follows


  1. Late. Sardar Govind Singh timber merchant, New Road
  2. Late. Sardar Sundar Singh ji Gyani

(thatiyar parivar, Patni Bazaar, Ujjain)

  1. Late. Sardar Desa Singh ji Arora
  2. Late. Sardar Pritam Singh ji Bagga
  3. Late. Sardar Jaswant Singh ji Makkad
  4. Late. Sardar Indar Singh ji Bagga
  5. Late. Sardar Narendra Kumar Singh Ji Bhalla
  6. Late. Sardar Balwant Singh Ji grocery merchant, Daulat ganj
  7. Late. Sardar Khushal Sinch ji, AkalKuti, Dusshera Maidan


President of registered organizations

  1. Sardar Harbans Singh Tuteja
  2. Sardar Surendra Singh Arora
  3. Late Sardar Surjeet Singh Chabbra
  4. Sardar Gurdeep Singh Juneja      
  5. Sardar Balbeer Singh Oberai (present)  



 They want that all the work of organization should be conducted with all religious processes and rituals thus this decision was taken that this should be registered. So with the efforts of president Late Sardar Kushal Singh ji and general secretary Kushal Singh Wadwa who was working at his time, this organization was firstly enlisted in registration and foundation organization of Bhopal and all the working of this was given to the present president Sardar Harbans Singh Tuteja after that.


At this time only one big religious festival of this community was conducted in the premises of this gurudwara in Ujjain. At that time one great saint had come, whose name was Sayyed Prithi Pal Singh. He did the starting of lessons of Akhand Path in the premises of this Gurudwara in which great Yagya continued here for approximately three months and on every third day of this the end of intact lesson Sahib was done and public food serving was given and so pleasant atmosphere was created by combining whole community for god’s prayer such that all Sikh community of Ujjain started remaining busy in the devoutness and at the same time saint Shri Sayyed Prithi Pal Singh ji appealed Sikh community for construction of Gurudwara. At that time in the division of organization firstly women started contributing by removing their ornaments including gold necklaces from their neck and gold earrings from their ears. With these brothers and elders took a pledge that they will contribute 10th part of their earnings earned through their hard work on the construction of this Gurudwara and while the saint was residing there for three months the hall of the lower floor of Gurudwara was constructed twice to the existing. One day Late Sardar Tara Singh Dhol and Sardar Kushal Singh Wadva discussed during the discussion that Gurudwara Dudh Talai is small for the religious and social activities of the community, thus consideration should be done for its expansion. For contributing towards the educational activities the land joined to Gurudwara was taken from Nagar Nigam Ujjain on 30.10.1982 under the registered deed so that Sikh community can start the construction of dharma shala, schools and hospitals on this land. Contribution of present in - charge minister late Dr. Rajendra Jain, present trade and commerce minister M.Pra Shashan, Present Mayor Shri Radhe Shyam Uphadhyay, present councilor late Sardar Trilochan Singh Tuteja and Shri T.S. Chatwal chief of Nagar Nigam, courtesy of Ujjain and support from Ujjain administration present president of the Gurudwara Sardar Harbans Singh attained this registration deed 30/10/1982. From that time only construction of Gurudwara was magnificently expanded and after Sardar Harbans Singh, Sardar Surendra Singh did the complete construction work of the hall of upper floor of the Gurudwara under his leadership. Today this Sikh’s community place is growing in the form of prestigious organization. In today’s time to give more momentum to the work of Gurudwara the complete authority is assigned to present president Sardar Balbeer Singh Oberai. The list of its representatives has been sealed separately.