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Shree Guru Singh Sabha Freeganj Ujjain - Apnaujjain
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Shree Guru Singh Sabha Freeganj


Shree Guru Singh Sabha Freeganj

In Freeganj area of Ujjain the number of Sikhs and shri Gurunanak’s family name leva kept increasing. At that time Sardar Balwant Singh and her wife shrimati Charanjeet Kaur Kalra of Guru Nanak market started the services by establishing Shri Guru Granth Sahib at their home in their market itself and keep doing this service for many years.  Shrimati Charanjeet Kaur had a wish in her heart that there should be a public Gurudwara at Freeganj. The construction of Gurudwara was like a prime objective for her life. Every attempt was made but when the time for a particular work comes than only that work is started. His attempt came to success in the year 1994 by making a trust whose president was Sardar Surendra Singh Arora and other trustees were there which included Sardar Balwant Singh Kalara (Custodian), Sardar Balwant Singh Oberai (Secretary), Sardar Joginder Singh Tuteja (Treasurer),  Kuldeep Kaur Saluja (Vice Chairman), Members Sardar Murabchan Singh Chabbra, Sardar Gurmakh Singh Kalra, Shri Jagdish Lal ji Huriya, Sardar Indersingh Bagga (presently Sardar Amarik Singh Bagga), Sardar Surjeet Singh Sahani, Sardar Harbhajan Singh Arora, Sardar Kesar Singh Wadwa (presently Sardar Avatar Singh Wadwa) were made and land in Freeganj was purchased. On 13 April 1995 Shrimati Charanjeet Kaur did the foundation by putting the base from his auspicious hands on the sacred land of this Gurudwara.

By god grace the construction work got completed in limited time with the help of all good persons and devotees and finally on 14 January 1997 precious time arrived on which dreams of Sikh community was accomplished and on this day festival like Simhastha was organized and Shree Gurugranth Sahib was started, after few days Sadh community took a pledge to devote crown of gold to this. The attempt was made by Sardar Gurbachan Singh ji Kalra and the pledge was also completed. On the auspicious occasion of inauguration of Gurudwara Sahib, Late Sardar Desha singh ji Arora was the first to take the order.

One thought was there in the mind of Ujjain’s Sikh community from 50-60 years that Shri Gurunanak Dev ji came to the bank of Shipra River of Ujjain for his third journey (Udasi) and pronounced three words while sitting under the tree of tamarind which are mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib as follows:

  1. अधिआतम करम करे तां साचा |
    भेदु किया जाणे काचा |
  2. खिमा गहि बुतु सील सन्तौखे |
    न बियापे न जम देखे I
  3. उतरि अवघटि सरवरि नावै |
    न बोल हर गुण गवे I


The president of our trust Sardar Surendra Singh Arora had an obsession that which is that place where Shri Gurunanak Dev ji might have settled in Ujjain he decided to construct the Gurudwara there only. To find out the place as mentioned in the history they roam in about 5 – 5 km near the bank of Shipra River of Ujjain. God showed his blessing on this trust and he sends Mahamandleshwar Swami Ishwar Das Shastri ji of Udasi system in the form of god. In this findings his blessings was showered and that sacred place was then found, there was no boundaries of happiness among this community and at that time community took a pledge to complete the construction of the Gurudwara on the same place before Simhastha 2004 in any condition. The construction work of this historical monument was started by the sacred hand of Late Swami ji Saint Ishwar Das Ji.  Guru Sahab instruction states –

“जिस्का कारज तिन्हीं कीया मानस किया बेचारा राम“


Which proved to be true. With the first bath of Simhastha festival on 4 April, the Shri Akhand path sahib was ended and this sacred historical Gurudwara Sahab was opened for fellowship of the seekers of truth (Sadh Sangat). On this occasion first order was taken by Saint Maharaja Swami Indar das ji who was of Udasin system. The construction of this sacred place has unforgettable contribution of fellow members (Sadh Sangat) of Ujjain and specially Sardar Jaspeer Singh, Sardar Jogendar Singh Tuteja, Shri Jagdish ji Huriya, Shri Bhajan Lal ji Bhola etc. Ujjain Sikh community was very small at that time and so much construction in the limited period of time was only possible when president of Ujjain Khatri Arorvansi community, Shri Om Prakash Khatri and president of Indore Guru Singh assembly Sardar Gurudeep Singh Bhatia and secretary sardar Jasbeer Singh Gandhi ji himself made performed charismatic services from Indore’s class from which big dream of little eyes got its success.  


The passion of Sardar Surendra Singh Arora mounted on head and spoke and name of Ujjain became immortal in the Sikh history of world. Because of the passion of Sardar Surendra Singh Arora his name is listed in golden letters in Sikh’s history.