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Gurudwara Mata Gujari jiin Ujjain - Apnaujjain
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Mata Gujari ji


Mata Gujari ji

The establishment of Shri Gurudwara Mata Gujri was done in the year 1995 and Sardar Dharam Singh Sachdeva, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sardar Harbhajan Singh Azaad, Sardar Pradhan Singh, Sardar Mangal Singh Arora, Sardar Gurucharan Singh Chawla, Seth Awat Ram Mithwani, Seth Mirchumal Rajvani, Sardar Sarin Sahib, Gyan Singh Ram Rakkhi Bagga, Shrimati Shahni Rani, Shrimati Shanti Rani Chawla, Shrimati Inder Kaur Tuteja, Shrimati Chanda Rani Arora, Shrimati Sheela Rani Arora and many other Gurunanak named saints brothers did the devotion services with their complete body and soul.

Gurudwar situated in Geeta colony started the continuous lessons of gurvani of 151 Shri Akhand Path Sahib in a small room and established this religious place of religious Gurmeet. Gurudwara Mata Gujri Sahib has its distinct identity in whole part of Ujjain district at present. The Gurunanak followers who are named Gurmukh on their name start there every day routine after bowing their head in Darbar Sahib.

Today wishes of all Sikh’s community mother’s and sister’s get completed in the palace of Gurudwara Mata Gujri ji. Because of which faith in religious work has increased and this place has grown as a centre of religious belief.