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Avanti Parshwanath Temple


Avanti Parshwanath Temple

After the idol of god Avanti Parshwanath appeared the dignity of god was completed by the auspicious hand of chief acharya Shri Sidhsen Diwakar Suri. After the long time the temple became creaky. Renovation was then done.

It is said that in order to settle the god one majestic temple with peaks was constructed in the medieval period. Before the dignity, this majestic temple was actually constructed. Before the night of dignity some orthodox elements settled the Shiva linga at that place. They were having the back power of the king.

The Jain society was astounded and flabbergasted at that time and at the same time one miracle happened, the unique and miraculous idol of god Avanti Parshwanath was settled by itself in the platform of the hall below where other idols were to be placed. The solution came out! The god has chosen the relevant place by himself.

The future looking Jain society did not constructed pillar on the temple of god at that time. The god lived in the bottom hall in the form of house temple only. At that period the invasion of temple was at high speed. To save their pilgrimage from attack its form was preserved in house temple only. This temple that is situated on the bank of Kshipra River required renovation due to the sequence of time. The Acharya Bhagwant, Upadhya Panyas and other saints and female saints coming to Ujjain always had a motive that this majestic temple needs renovation. This pilgrimage is like a Kohinoor diamond for Jain rule. This pilgrimage is unique among all other pilgrimages. The picturesque idol of the god is incomparable. This pilgrimage should be completely built with the nectar of beauty like other pilgrimages. It must have pillars. Its design must be based on pure scholastic and architecture.

In our party and in our trust the consideration and deliberation continued. We were continuously getting the motivation from adorable Gurus and Bhagwants. With this the creaky condition of temple was also giving us suggestion for renovation. In between of this Chaturmas of venerable Gurudeva Marudhar Mani Upadhya Pravar Shri Maniprab Sagar Ji M. Sa., the follower of venerable man Gurudeva late acharya Shri Jinkanti Sagar Surishwar ji M. Sa. Happened in our city.  The continuous motivation of venerable man did the accretions of our feelings and the renovation was done with the purity of scholastic, the fruit of which today this old pilgrimage is taking the majestic shape in the form of pillar constituting temple. The one who have touched this pilgrimage even once, they themselves have the experience of the tremendous impact of this place. The information reaches to all those and they themselves can naturally become the participant in this great religious work. This is the only great wish.