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Panchkroshi Yatra


Panchkroshi Yatra

The ancient, historical, religious and cultural Ujjain city of India has accumulated many special characteristics together in itself. The religious venerable Ujjain has got the recognition as the city of pilgrimage. From among the twelve Jyotir lingam of India Mahakal is also there. Mahakal is the only self established, south facing Jyotir lingam. Because it is the main Shiva pilgrimage many gods are settled here in the form of Shiva Ling. For the protection of the area of the pilgrimage four gate keepers are settled in the four directions in the form of Shiva, the description of them is under the Avanti section of the Skand Purana.  Pancheshani Yatra that is also called as Panchkroshi Yatra in religious language is the story and prayer of this four door keeper who have great importance of revolution around them as per god testament. In the main section of Panchkroshi the feeling of this testament is there. In present in Panchkroshi Yatra of the Shiva tour the importance of Shiva’s prayer, ordination, fast, donation, sight can be found in religious volume. According to Skanda Purana Vaishakha month for Avantika, Magha month for Prayag and Kartika month for Pushkar pilgrimage is very sacred. From the mesh sun of the mesh of tenth day of Krishna Vaishakha month to the Amavasya the importance of this pure Panchkroshi Yatra is there. The shape of Ujjain is square. God Shri Mahakaleshwar who is the saviour of the area has the place in the midpoint, to the different – different distance of these point temples is situated which are said as gate keeper. In this Pingleshwar is in the east, Kayavarohan eshwar is in the south, Bilkeshwar is in the west and Durdeshwar is in the north. This tour was famous in the eternal period, which was encouraged by king Vikramaaditya, that is been continued in a flawless speed from the fourteenth century. After some interruption it got its momentum back in the rule of Marathas. Today also this tour is proceeding towards improvement. According to the Skanda Purana till the end of the period the full fruit of mere five days Avanti leaving in the Vaishaka month has more importance as compared to the Kashi leaving. After the bath at the Kshipra River on the tenth day of Vaishaka Krishna and the prayer of Nagchanreshwar, Panchkroshi Yatra begins, which finishes after the 118 kilometer revolution in the pilgrimage where Kark lives and at the same time the eight pilgrimage tour starts and ends with the bath of Kshipra River on the Krishna Amavsya of Vaishaka month.

Panchkroshi Yatra Place

In the duration of Mahakumbh 2016 Panchkroshi Yatra will start from Vaishaka Krishna Sunday, 1 May 2016 that will end on 6 May 2016. On the same day there is second bath festival.

The place for Panchkroshi Yatra have been kept in the following villages:

  1. Undasa Village (district Ujjain)
  2. Pingleshwar
  3. arohan (district Ujjain)
  4. Nalwa Village (district Ujjain)
  5. Amodiya Village (district ghattiya)
  6. Kaliyadeh Village and Jaithal Village (district ghattiya)