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Ujjain Darshan/Tourism | Bina Neev ki Masjid at Ujjain
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Bina neev ki masjid


Bina neev ki masjid

This mosque is situated in sati gate area of kogchi locality in Ujjain city. In Ujjain this is the ancient example of Muslim architecture. Also this Mosque is the starting monument of Muslim architecture.

In this mosque construction project, one main gate Sahan (the prayer hall) is made. In this sahan corridors are partitioned by pillars in three rows. There is one pillar in each corridor. In the wall of Qibla eight Mehrab are there and for muezzin teaching Namaz Qibla’s minbar is also there. All pillars of this mosque are influenced by Parvarti Paramar style. Its tracery is special.  Probably these pillars are obtained from some Paramar temples. Four doors are shown in the main segment of mosque. Domb prior primitive is made, on which renovation is done.

On this door there is a door stream, main – quad is constructed. At main door stream Paramar period stream is being placed. 

Thus this mosque is made on the basis of mixed Paramar style and probably most of the construction material must have been gathered from the paramar temples. This mosque is the main place among the Muslims buildings of Ujjain.