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Jama/Babri Masjid in Ujjain | Top Mosque, Islamic architecture at Ujjain
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Jama Masjid or Babri Masjid


Jama Masjid or Babri Masjid

Jama Masjid is situated in the middle of Ujjain city near to the vegetable market of ujjain. This mosque is also known with the name of Babri mosque. Approximately 300 years back this mosque was constructed by Janab Mirza Chiman Begh Sahab. This mosque is also important from the vision of Islamic architecture. This mosque is constructed on a platform which is approximately 3 meter high.

There are three corridors in the mosque’s prayer hall. This corridor has beautifully decorated pillars, which divides it further. Mehrab is given on the Qibla wall for the present teacher to teach Namaz and one - one mehrab is there on the either side of it. For reading Khutbah the arrangement of mimber of marble on the wall is done for present imam on which remarkable designs work is done, this mimber contains three stairs in it. Sahan (the prayer hall) contains terrace upon it, in which people in three rows can stand for group prayer but this is a parvarti construction work.

On the main door one umbrella is there that is supported by four pillars, which is made in 3.5 x 3.5 area. On the top of this umbrella, round tomb has been made and Mehrab is there on all the four pillars. The open portion of the mosque, which is surrounded by wall, in it there is a place on which tank has been constructed for washing hands and legs (Haju). This mosque is safe and main legacy of Islamic art.