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Eidgah in Ujjain City | Best Tourist Places at Ujjain
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This Eidgah is situated at Chimanganj market area of Ujjain. Eidgah has been constructed on the outskirt of the pond. This has been constructed on the platform of 3 meter height in the area of 33x50. Construction of this Eidgah was done by Nawab Mirza Chiman Begh Sahab in 18th century approximately.  

The wall of Qibla of Eidgah is of approximately 2 meter height, in which one big mehrab has been made at the place where Muezzin’s Khutbah teaching are given and three small minaret are constructed on the top of the Mehrab on them. Three – three mehrabs are constructed on both side of this mehrab. In rest of the three remaining directions the left area is covered with 1.3 meter high wall. Main door is on the either side which is 2.5 meter wide; mehrab is made on the top of it. On the main door five mehrab are made on which passage are there which has stairs in them. Three doors are made in the form of helping door in the front of it. As per the size in this Eidgah there is an arrangement according to which approximately 2000 people can read Namaz all together here. In its outer side trees are placed for getting shadow.

Mainly use of limestone, rock and bricks in a proper manner is done in construction of this old Eidgah which is approximately 300 years old. This is maintained safely even when it is situated out of the city and is without any roof.