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Mazar-e-Najmi at Ujjain | Ujjain Tourism | Best Places to Visit
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Mazar- e- Nazmi


Mazar- e- Nazmi

This Roza is situated at some distance from famous Gopal temple of Ujjain. The construction of this Roza was done before 250 years ago approximately. At that time it was in its real state. But 150 years later Janab Syedna Tahir sahab did the renovation work for this Roza.  In this marble is used at its fullest. Inside of this Roza, shrine of three main masters of bohra samaj is there.  

Syedna Ibrahim huzoor sahab

Syedna Imtulla kaisar sahab

Syedna Abdul Madar sahab

Other than these inside and outside of this Roza many other small shrines are made. There are four doors in four direction of this roza, from which one main door is present there. Inside of this door mehrabs are made and one - one Mehrab is made on the both side of the mehrab made on the upper side of the door. In its inside portion portrayed of sprigs are made. On the boundaries of each door Mehrabs are made. The boundaries of these doors are made of steel and its width is approximately 3.2 meter and height is 2 meter.

This Roza has been constructed on the platform of about 8 – 8 meter. The platform is at 1.3 meter height from the land. There are four doors for entering into it. On the both sides of each door one – one multi designer Mehrab is there. Square blocks are constructed on the top of this Mehrabs. On all four sides of which thin flounce has been made. On the top part of this in all the four directions Ayat of Quran is displayed in the wall of Roza. Four big minarets are been constructed there on all the four corners. In the middle of all four minarets one big dome is there. Which looks heavy weighted on seeing. On the top of this lotus is placed upside down.  Mughal established architecture can be seen clearly in these minarets. Thin carving work is there on these minarets, on looking on this it seems that this is one of the mughal period monuments but it is actually only the copy of it. Thus this Roza is famous and important from the view of Islamic established architecture.